SUBMR05: V/A – Osmotic Particles

SUBMR05: V/A – Osmotic Particles
5 November 2021 ben

Osmotic Particles is the 3rd Submersive Records vinyl release. It gathers 4 different artists who all participated in the label’s podcast: Toki Fuko, Svarog, Lakej & Bevel.

This EP is the perfect illustration of Submersive sound signature. All 4 artists play with textures & atmospheres immersing us in a world of depth and immensity. 

Heavy yet subtle rhythms are evolving with inertia and confidence alongside airy and electrifying sounds. It’s the perfect soundtrack of an underwater rave, where a certain slowness is required to appreciate the richness of all details.

Limited Edition. 200 vinyls only. Hand printed cover. Marbled blue vinyl. Numbered by hand. Mastering by Dubplates & Mastering in Berlin.

A1 Toki Fuko – Osmium
A2 Svarog – Incomprehensible Ritual
B1 Bevel – Dispersed Dust
B2 Lakej – Narrative Control

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