SUBMR04: Bevel – Low Motion

SUBMR04: Bevel – Low Motion
4 April 2020 ben

After a first appearance in 2018, Bevel duo is back on Sumbersive Records for its first solo EP.

Thomas and Benjamin, respectively acting solo as Positive Clearance and Process B, met each other 10 years ago. Music has always been at the center of their friendship but it took them time to concretize their shared passion and skills as a proper musical identity.

Building tracks is a long & complex work for Bevel. It involves high expectations, moments of doubts, attention to detail, endless iterations & repetitive reconstructions before a mental & magnetic energy emerges.

The process is as important as the result and releasing tracks is not the main purpose here. Learning throughout the journey, getting to know new instruments and processes as well as discovering new shared emotions is what makes it interesting for the duo.

The video clip made for Low Motion is a good incarnation of those values. Made from hours of clouds filmed during summer, it explores the idea of relativity. The highly accelerated visualisation speed added to subtle variations and asynchronous motions makes this vapour water look like a living material embodying the track’s textures.

Staying in line with the label’s values, artists selected for the remixes all have a personal story with Bevel.

Edit Select revisits Steady Morph with his own linear yet captivating style. The focus on the original track’s bassline drives it to another dimension thanks to vaporized and rotational pads.

BLNDR brings some wildness and stressed density to ‘Low Motion’. The rhythm is frenetic, the sounds are oppressed and the beauty comes from its subliminal darkness.

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