SUBMR03: Process B – Break Surface Tension

SUBMR03: Process B – Break Surface Tension
30 May 2019 ben

Active for the past ten years as a promoter in various Parisian clubs, manager of the group Remote, founder of the webzine Gouru, and start-up Single Pattern, as well as record label, Submersive Records…Benjamin, aka Process B, is finally moving to the other side of the scene with the release of his solo EP, ‘Break Surface Tension’, which contains three original tracks and a sumptuous remix by Pfirter (Mindtrip Records).

If Benjamin literally fell in love with Techno during one of the first years of the Nuits Sonores festival, it’s perhaps because at the age of 15, still unaccustomed to dance floors, the transcendental power of this unique celebration served as a revelation. Beyond the feelings evoked by the sights and sounds, the welcoming and wise atmosphere instilled a certain conception of the collective celebration which reconnects with its origins and refuses standardization.

Deciding to fully immerse himself in this scene, he launched the webzine Gouru, in 2009. This first seed allowed him to play in famous clubs like Batofar, DV1, Le Social Club and La Machine du Moulin Rouge… A busy and hyperactive person, he considers his relationship with the creative process as more organic and calm. In parallel with his numerous projects, he experiments and creates in the shadows, preferring to concentrate more on the process than on the final result.

In 2014, he invited the American artist Brendon Moeller/Echologist to play at one of his parties. A car accident on the way to the airport prevented him from showing up, but Brendon gave him a gift of two original tracks to make up for it. Touched by this gesture, Benjamin founded Submersive Records and offered Heartbeat & Voiski (aka HBTVSK), the duo who was supposed to play with Brendon on stage that night, the opportunity to remix one of the tracks. This accidental collaboration personifies the label’s core values, which Benjamin wishes to use as a platform for sharing between different generations, where artists and friends together compose the next notes of a timeless Techno.

2019 resonates as the culmination of this approach with the announcement of a promising discography through the release of his premier solo EP, ‘Break Surface Tension’. Underneath an obvious austerity with brutalist accents, a bittersweet essence is revealed through the tracks, which is reminiscent of the power of a thoughtful and introspective type of Techno to which sounds and ideas are attached. The EP ends with a remix from the celebrated Argentine producer, Pfirter, which gives ‘Eolienne’ track an airy and sensual quality.

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