SUBMR02 : V/A – Introduction

SUBMR02 : V/A – Introduction
27 April 2017 ben

After a first release by Dub-Techno father Brendon Moeller, Submersive Records is back with a various artists EP. The Paris based label, launched in 2016 by Process B, is now introducing 4 artists who were invited to present 4 different visions of the label’s musical identity, including a remix by Albert van Abbe.

The EP starts with the first appearance of french duo Bevel (Positive Clearance & Process B). Slow yet electric saga, ‘Hob’ swings between atmospheric, industrial and deep techno sounds. A perfect introduction to the label’s roots. Elements come one after the other while holding a certain incisive vibe and giving birth to a track that can fit in both warmup or peak time sets.

9beats, young producer from Lyon, explores a more melodic side with ‘Through An Interstellar Cloud’. Used to dive people into his spatial universe through his tracks or analog live sets, 9beats’s travel is a good transition from ambient to techno.

We said Techno? Isolated Lines will not contradict and brings us straight in the middle of the night. Saturation, noises and modular variations are confronted to some melodic slackening, making this track a great immersive weapon.

Invited to one of Submersive’s label night at Batofar in 2015, Albert van Abbe closes the EP by giving us a completely new version of Bevel’s ‘Hob’. We easily recognize the original track’s lead, mixed this time with raw classic drum jams. Somewhere between Electro & Techno the Remodel version of Albert van Abbe overwhelms by its effective authenticity.

From Brendon Moeller to the young and promising Techno scene, this second EP pursues Submersive’s mission into the Techno abyssal depths.

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