SUBMR01 – Brendon Moeller – Filth ep

SUBMR01 – Brendon Moeller – Filth ep
16 March 2016 ben

In 2014, to celebrate the 4th birthday of the webzine Gouru, Brendon Moeller and HBTVSK were invited to play at La Machine du Moulin Rouge (Paris). Following a car accident on his way to the airport of New York, Brendon was unable to appear and play. To make up for this unfortunate incident, Gouru offered Brendon the inauguration of its new label SUBMERSIVE, and invited Heartbeat & Voiski aka HBTVSK, the duo he was supposed to share the stage with, to remix one track.

2 years later, the first EP of the label gathers all 3 artists who were not able to share the decks on stage, on the same record. As Brendon himself says , “all good things take time” and instead of evoking the nostalgy of a party that did not happen, the record opens the doors of the imagination and takes us to a powerful collaboration between 2 artists’ generations, thereby showing us the Techno scene at its best.

Zur opens the ball and sets the tone of the EP; a dub and progressive rise, based on a cyclic structure, punctuated by a random reverb. Tension is maintained throughout and finally leaves room to Filth, whose rhythm is faster, unrestrained, yet keeps an air of suspense and unpredictability – The perfect soundtrack for an exhausting race. Looking for Trouble plays on a more hypnotic side. With a dark yet electrifying atmosphere, rhythms are exalted by a strident and piercing melody, evolving alongside uncontrollable sounds, throwing us straight into a cosmic trip.

Faithful to the spirit of the EP, the Filth remix delivered by HBTVSK is a perfect exercise of style. Without denaturing the original track, the remix revisits it. Its’ heavy, powerful mechanism is, at the same time, accurate and sharpened. Certain parts of the original track are easily recognizable, which finally get lost in the subtle gearwheel of an anthem tinted by noise.

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A1/ Brendon Moeller – Zur
A2/ Brendon Moeller – Filth
B1/ Brendon Moeller – Looking for trouble (vinyl bonus)
B2/ Brendon Moeller – Filth (HBTVSK remix)